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Grand Prize for Innovative Entrepreneurs
18-03-09 16:21 4,154회 0건

Byung-Hoon Im, CEO of Telstar-Hommel, was awarded with the Innovative Entrepreneurs Award in 2017. The award was given by the Korea Venture Business Association (Professor Park Jae-hwan, Chung-Ang University), the largest venture start-up and entrepreneurship association in Korea. It was at the Korean Venture Business Association’s spring conference 2017 held in the Centennial Memorial Hall of Sookmyung Women's University where the awards was presented to the innovative entrepreneurs. The award was within the category: 4th Industrial Revolution and Venture Business.

Telstar-Hommel was described with the following sentence: over the last thirty years, it has been recognized for its contributions to the spread and development of related industries and local networks.